Establishment of a company

Are you interested in starting a new business in Philippines? We will help you!

We help you to start your own business in Philippines, with paperwork, recruiting board members, management of a rental office, on-site Inspection, marketing, and so on.

We are eager to help you to establish your new business in Philippines!


As you know, Philippines is growing rapidly. No wonder a lot of people are thinking about starting their new business there.
However, there are many culture gaps between them and us. Establishing a company in Philippines is not as easy as in Japan.
That's why we would like you to rely on us. We have know-how for starting a business in Philippines, and be successful.

Price list

Establishment of a company

Establishment of a company

We will help you to establish a company with paperwork and other procedures.


Documents for administrative institution are excluded.

Establishment of a company

Recruiting board members

We will help you to recruit board members for your company.


Per board member (yearly cost)

Establishment of a company

Recruiting (Japanese-speaking)

We will introduce you Japanese-speaking staff with
N2-N3 level on Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

15% of annual income

Establishment of a company

Recruiting (English, Tagalog-speaking)

We will introduce you English / Tagalog-speaking staff.

15% of annual income

Establishment of a company

Company registration place rental

We will rent a place to register the company.

10,000 peso / month

Establishment of a company

Rental office

It is an office with 1 table, internet, utilities, telephone line.

15,000 peso / month

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